About the game

Free Jazz Party Animals is a  rhythm game where you improvise without the game setting the rhythm or tempo for you. You set the music but you also have to own it - you have to play your compositions immediately after composing them! In this frantic call-and-response free jazz experience you are both the caller and the one who responds.

You get score for repeating your beats correctly and extra points for complexity and originality. This is jazz, after all.

This game was made for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018 (ranked 96th / 1054 games submitted). The theme was 'genre without (a typical) mechanic'. It has also been submitted for Music Game Jam 2018!

How to play - PLEASE READ THIS!!

Record a jazzy sequence and then repeat it 3 times. Rinse and repeat! Get score for hitting the right sounds at the right time. More complex sequences will get you more score!

So to recap:

  1. Get ready
  2. Play a hot tune
  3. Repeat the tune 3 times, get points or die tryin'
  4. Back to step #1

About the team

The game was made entirely by 3 people in 48 hours: two artists (Līva Raita and Kristaps Raits) and a programmer/sound designer (Viesturs Marnauza).

For ultimate experience try one of the desktop builds and also please turn up the volume on your computer.

Install instructions

Download and unzip.

On Mac right click the app file and click open. That way the security features of Mac OS won't keep you from playing the game!


FreeJazzPartyAnimals_Win_1E.zip 13 MB
FreeJazzPartyAnimals_Mac_1E.zip 18 MB
FreeJazzPartyAnimals_Linux_x64.zip 17 MB


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Come follow me for more great games and feedback. bring any of your projects by or updates and I would love to play them again. https://www.twitch.tv/tiger_j

That's an awful lot of fun! I only wish there was some kind of metronome or count-in, to help with really getting into the groove!

Thanks! The idea for this game was to experiment with what would happen if we took any kind of rhythmic reference out of a rhythm game. It's all about free improvisation with the sounds you're given.

I agree, though, that adding a metronome would make the game more structured and easier to follow. It's just not what we were going for in this case.

Saw this one on stream. You should also submit it to Music Game Jam!


Thanks, we'll definitely consider submitting it! We might still want to make a few tweaks to the current version though.

Go for it! There's still a few days left (and I allow post-deadline updating as well)!